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The company


We responsibly undertake the standardization of your own olive oil.

Our company was founded in March 2021 after the completion of our building with all its facilities and after official approval through the Department of Utilization and Food Technology for issuing the mandatory approval code for olive oil standardization.


The company is housed in a new building with modern facilities that ensure the process of standardization and packaging of olive oil until palletizing ready for shipment worldwide.

The facilities


Curriculum vitae of company

As a child in the olive groves of my father Anastasios Liakakos, I learned to appreciate the olive tree and how is taken care of. From the pruning, to the flowering, the harvesting and the squeezing of the olive fruit without any violation, we produced the best quality.

The passion and the long family experience in the cultivation and production of our olive oil led me, the son, to establish the company LIAKAKOS estate - Olive oil standardization and supply.

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